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April 04, 2008


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Im not involved in the fashion world, but breton is right!! mexico is the last surreal citys in the world!! and i loved!!! i hope so soon i will be in NY, but i never change mexico city!! You been in tepito? Its a unquie and dangerous place, i love the gang guys, here in mexico we call it, chakales! Rude Guys with atittude. Your next trip you need to go Mercado Sonora! its a market where you can find animals, plants and many supersticion things, vudu and stuff like like that. The most surreal market in the city.


Being from TX I was about to get angry when you said we are closed minded, because I am SO not, but then I realized that I was a minority here and that most people think I'm crazy when they find out I'm a liberal. The Gay Pride Parade here in Houston, and the neighborhood that hosts same is the only cool side of town in practically this whole state. While I'm a straight (or mostly straight) gal myself I consider the gayborhood to usually be the hippest part of town, n'est pas? Anyway, love your blog, been reading it for hours as I neglect my job! xo!

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